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Joest supplies full range of SWECO equipment

Joest supplies full range of SWECO equipment

SWECO round separators have been a mainstay for the mining and minerals processing industries, and are available from Joest.

South African OEM Joest’s reputation has become synonymous with the company’s ability to provide quality equipment that separates and sizes solids and liquids. It is this very capability that has allowed the company to diversify into other industries.

Full SWECO range
Kim Schoepflin, managing director of Joest, has announced the addition, from June 2014, of the full SWECO range to the company’s already impressive and comprehensive product line-up. This follows Joest entering into an exclusive licensing agreement for the marketing and distribution of SWECO round separators and spare parts in 2012. “The license agreement offered Joest access to marketing and applications know-how, including training,” Schoepflin says, adding that Joest engineers in South Africa have received advanced training from SWECO.

35 African countries
The full SWECO range, never before available in Africa, includes GyraMax sifters, rectangular separators, turbo screen separators, grinding mills, Sta-Sieve stationary screening devices, PharmaASep equipment, hydrocyclones and centrifugal separators. The agreement between the two companies opens doors for both on the continent facilitating access to numerous applications across varied industry sectors, from mining and minerals processing to food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper and plastic. Joest is now able to supply a range of SWECO products to South Africa and 35 African countries exclusively.

“Although SWECO round and rectangular separators have been a mainstay for the mining and minerals processing industries in the past, we are now able to complement this offering with even more products,” Schoepflin says. “The GyraMax gyratory has become a must-have item for mineral process applications which employ or produce granular minerals such as silica and calcium carbonate, for example. The GyraMax has also found favour amongst producers for the extremely high value material called Ferro Silicon or Magnetite used exclusively in Dense Medium Separation (DMS). The SWECO GyraMax gyratory sifter can boost plant productivity by means of such features as easy access to screens through hinged doors on both ends, which simplifies screen changes, as well as rendering inspection easier and safer than ever.

“With the GyraMax, you can change any screen at any level of the machine from either end, without disturbing the other screens. Of course, if you want to change the screen through the top cover, this is also possible. However, there is no longer the need for overhead lifting gear in order to remove a heavy cover,” Schoepflin points out.
This is because the dust cover is constructed in easily-removable sections, another indication of the careful attention to detail that characterises SWECO’s products for minerals processing. The screens are tensioned in place, and can be re-tensioned quite easily in order to return them their peak efficiency after they have become stretched. The screens feature a one-hook design that cleverly removes the need for hundreds of attachment clips. With the GyraMax’s easy-access doors, it is even possible to inspect for any major problems, without disturbing any of the screens or ball trays.

MM4 separator
“SWECO engineered the MM4 multi-motion rectangular separator specifically with liquid/solid separation in mind, which makes it ideal for processes that contain any effluent wastewater applications,” Schoepflin says. This makes the separator an excellent conveyor of solids. “Whether you are considering the traditional XS version of the vibratory round separator, or the new MX48 Vibro-Energy design, this is an ideal option for separating solids from liquids, or separating dry liquids into various particle sizes,” Schoepflin says. She cites the added benefits of these separators as a simple and therefore highly efficient design, together with long screen life and easy screen changes.

Vibro-Energy grinding mills
“SWECO Vibro-Energy grinding mills are the most versatile line of batch loaded mills available on the market today for rapid, low-cost particle size reduction to sub-micron range,” Schoepflin notes. The grinding action takes place by means of cylindrical media, in addition to the unique Vibro-Energy motion of the design. “For the minerals-processing sector, SWECO has many solutions to help solve the most difficult problems. Whether your requirements involve vibratory separation, gyratory sifting or air classification, SWECO has the solution,” Schoepflin concludes

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